Updating Trifork T4 under Windows

Please proceed as follows to update Trifork T4 Application Server under Windows.

  1. Stop and uninstall the existing Trifork T4

    Please stop the existing Trifork service by terminating Trifork Enterprise Application Server via Control Panel > Administration > Services.

    For not loosing the license, please copy the file server\license\license.txt from the Trifork T4 installation directory to your desktop.

    Uninstall the Trifork service.

    instance\default\bin\rc.npsd.bat uninstallService trifork

    Now remove the Trifork T4 software via Windows Control Panel (Software).

  2. Installing the new version of Trifork T4

    Install the new version of Trifork T4 by executing the Trifork installation program, for example trifork-4.1.40-jdk.exe. Note that the path of the installation directory must not contain space characters.

    Then copy the license.txt file from the desktop to server\license in the Trifork T4 installation directory.

  3. Activate the server

    Adapt the configuration of all CMS Fiona instances to the new Trifork installation. For this, specify the correct installation directory of Trifork T4 in the file instance\instanceName\config\rc.npsd.conf.

    Adapt the file domains\default\bin\service\default\service.ini in the Trifork installation directory. Insert the following into the [Java-Options] section:

    ; Infopark options

    Please ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the Java version to be used by Trifork T4 and that the directory $JAVA_HOME/bin is found first via the PATH variable. For this, please check:

    • Triforks service.ini in TRIFORK_DIR/domains/default/bin/service/default


    • Triforks setDomainEnv.cmd in TRIFORK_DIR/domains/default/bin


    • Windows Control Panel

      JAVA_HOME + PATH in System -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables

    Install a new trifork service.

    instance\default\bin\rc.npsd.bat installService trifork

    Then start this service.

  4. Deploying the web applications again

    Finally, the web applications of CMS Fiona need to be deployed into the new Trifork server:

    instance\instanceName\bin\rc.npsd.bat deploy

    The new version of the Trifork server is now ready for operation.