Updating Trifork T4 under Unix

We recommend to use the Trifork Server included in the Fiona version installed. If this version causes problems, please contact our customer support to obtain a download link for a different version.

After downloading, proceed as follows to update Trifork T4 Application Server under Linux.

  1. Stop the existing Trifork T4 server

    Stop Trifork T4 using rc.npsd stop trifork.

  2. Install the new version of Trifork T4

    Unpack the Trifork archive, for example trifork-4.1.23-jdk.tar.gz, into a new directory (give it a name similar to the archive name). Then change into this directory and execute ./install.

    Now copy the file server/license/license.txt from the original Trifork directory to server/license in the new installation directory of Trifork T4.

  3. Activate the server

    Adapt the configuration of all CMS Fiona instances to the new Trifork installation. For this, correct the installation directory of Trifork T4 in the file instance/instanceName/bin/rc.npsd.conf.

    Please ensure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the Java version to be used by Trifork T4 (for example to /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_05/) and that the directory $JAVA_HOME/bin is found first via the PATH variable.

    Prior to version 6.7.0: For recent Trifork versions we recommend to use Java 1.5. If your applications have been running under Java 1.4 and you do not wish to change this, please also unpack the archive server.lib.endorsed.zip into the installation directory of the new Trifork T4 software to provide for the libraries that are missing from Java 1.4.

    From version 6.7.0: Java 1.6 is required.

  4. Redeploying the web applications

    The Trifork T4 software should be up-to-date now. As a final step the server must be restarted and the web applications need to be deployed again. For this please execute the following two commands:

    instance/instanceName/bin/rc.npsd start trifork
    instance/instanceName/bin/rc.npsd deploy
  5. Uninstalling the old Trifork T4 version

    Uninstall the old Trifork T4 version by deleting the directory into which it was installed.