In order to handle activities such as inquiries or support cases better (regarding their urgency or the effort required), you can create overviews.

In an overview, the activities of a particular type are presented as a table. In such a table, the values of any field can be used for the rows and columns. For example, in an overview of business cases by responsible person and case status, each responsible person would be represented by an individual table row, while each case status would be put on an individual column:

Overview of business cases

You can edit existing overviews and define as many new overviews for each of your activity types.

On the System Settings page, select Overviews. The list of the existing overviews will be displayed:

List of overviews

To edit an existing overview, click the corresponding list item. This opens its details view:

Details of an overview

Click the Edit button to modify the properties of the overview. Via the details view, an overview can also be deleted or displayed.

To create a new overview, click New in the overviews list view. The following form will be displayed:

New overview

The fields in this form have the following meaning:

  • Titel: specify a meaningful title for your overview.

  • Activity Type: Select one of the existing activity types or all.

  • Template for Row Key: Enter here {{activity.fieldname}} with fieldname being a built-in activity field or a custom activity field. Activities that do not have the field specified will be added up in a separate table row ('–').

  • Sort Order for Row Keys: ascending or descending. If nothing is specified here, ascending will be used.

  • Template for Column Key: Like the Template for the Row Key, however for the columns.

  • Sort Order for Column Keys: ascending (default) or descending.

  • Template for Value: A multiplier for the activities in the table cells. Use this value to multiply amounts of money with a number or to divide numbers, for example.

Finally, click Create to create the overview. After this, its details view is displayed.