API Keys

To access the Online Marketing Cockpit via its web services interface, an API key is required. When sending requests to the web services API, e.g. from within a web application, one of the API keys configured here must be specified as the password of the webservice user. The API key authorizes this user to make such requests.

Viewing, Editing, and Deleting API-Keys

API keys can be viewed, edited, and stored by means of the system settings section. Click the corresponding menu item to have the list of existing API keys displayed:

List of API keys

To view an API key included in the list, click the corresponding list item. This opens the details view of the API key:

Details of an API key

In this view, click Delete to remove the API key, or Edit to change the API key or modify its title:

Editing an API key

Change the API key or its title as desired and click Update to save your changes. Please note that API keys, like all passwords, should consist of a sufficiently long sequence of randomly chosen characters to make getting unauthorized access to the web services API of the OMC as difficult as possible. See below for the range of characters permitted in API keys.

Storing a New API Key

To add another API key to the OMC, open the list of existing API keys and click the New button. The following form is then displayed:

Storing a new API key

Enter the title of the API key and the key, then click Create to store the new key in the OMC. The characters API keys may contain are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and the underscore.