Type Configurations

The type configurations in the system settings enable you to define additional fields for accounts, contact persons, and activities. Using these fields, you can add to accounts, persons, and activities those pieces of information that are relevant to your business processes.

To change the type configuration of a category, first open the type configurations list accessible from the system settings page:

Type configurations main page

Now select the configuration to be changed, e.g. contact. The type configuration selected is displayed:

Main page of a type configuration

In the example above, the type configuration for persons consists of only one additional field, job_category. This field is an enumeration of several values. One of these values can be assigned to the contact persons in the OMC.

Use the buttons in the upper part of the page to change the configuration:

  • Edit: After clicking this button, you can alter the name of the configuration.

  • Edit custom fields: Delete, add, or modify fields.

  • Delete: Deletes the type configuration.

Editing Custom Fields

To edit the custom fields, click the corresponding button. The folling page for editing is then displayed:

Page for editing the type configuration

A custom field can be of the enumeration, string, or text type:

  • Enumeration: An enumeration field can be given several values that represent options. You can assign exactly one of these values to the individual accounts or persons in the OMC.

  • String: With fields of this type, a short text can be provided for each account or person. This text can be entered into a single-line input field.

  • Text: Fields of this type accept larger texts. The texts can be entered and edited by means of a multi-line input field.

Adding a Field

To add a new field to the configuration, grasp the desired field type using the mouse, drag it to the desired position in the field list, and drop it there:

Adding a new field

Now you can change the parameters of the new field, e.g. specify its name and the title to be displayed, or – for enumeration fields – enter the options.

A field marked as mandatory must be filled-in when a new entity of the category concerned (account or person) is created or an existing one is edited.

Deleting a Field

To delete a field from the list of fields, use the mouse to drag it to the area below the three field types and drop it there.

The deleted field remains in the OMC as long as there are entities of the type concerned that contain this field. However, it will no longer be available for new entities and for those that are modified.

Click Update to store the changes that have been made to the type configuration. Click Cancel to reject them.