Activity Types

The OMC lets you trace business activities. You can define your own activity types and provide them with fields of any kind. Later on, when activities are created, the pieces of information specific to their type can be stored in the corresponding fields.

Activities have built-in fields, a list of active states, and a list of inactive states. With every activity, these states help to determine what has already been done and what still needs to be done to bring the activity to an end. These states can be defined as needed, e.g. “Analysis” and “Solved” for support cases.

You can define and edit the activity types in the system settings section of the OMC. Clicking the corresponding menu item opens the activity types main page which contains the list of the types currently defined:

List of activity types

To create a new activity type click the New button and proceed as described below.

Editing an Activity Type

In the list of activity types, click the item you wish to edit. The OMC then displays the details of the selected activity:

Activity type details

Select Edit from the menu of the details view to change the name of the activity type or its active and inactive states. This opens the the following page for editing (this page is also displayed after clicking New to create an activity type):

Editing activity states

To add another activity state use the mouse to grab the gray area containing the new_state input field and drag it to the left side, into the Active States or Inactive States area. Drop the state where you want it to be inserted.

You can change the name of every state. To delete a state grab it using the mouse and drag it to the empty area below the new state on the right side.

Click Update to store the changes you made.

Defining Custom Fields for an Activity Type

You can provide activity types with custom fields for storing relevant data in the individual activities, such as a serial number (in a support case) or the closing probability (in a sales activity), etc.

To edit the fields of an activity type click the Edit Custom Fields button on the details page of the type. This opens the following dialog page:

Editing custom fields

To add additional fields or to delete a field, please proceed as described above for activity states.

There are three field types, Enumeration, String, and Text. With enumeration fields, please specify each option on an individual line of the input field. Later on, you can assign exactly one of the options to activities of this activity type. Into String fields, a short text can be input using a single-line input field. Text fields are able to store longer texts that can be edited using a multi-line input field.

A field marked as mandatory must be filled-in when an activity of this type is created or edited.

Deleting an Activity Type

To delete an activity type, open its details page and click the Delete button. This button is only enabled if no activities of the type concerned exist.