User Interface

Infopark’s Online Marketing Cockpit has an HTML user interface, meaning that you can work with the OMC wherever you have access to the server. You require one of the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 2 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Safari 3 or higher

After logging in, the main functions of the OMC can be accessed via the navigation on the left side. In particular, you can directly open the Accounts, Contacts, Inquiries and other categories’ pages. This enables you, for example, to update contact person or account data, or to check the effects of a mailing. In the following screenshot the details of an account can be seen:

Account details

Most details pages have a submenu. Here, as an example, the submenu of an account:

Account menu

Using this menu, you can search for data associated with the entry. You can open the details pages of associated items and edit them. The contact person’s details page below was opened from the account to which the person belongs:

Account editing

Since persons are part of a different category, the selection in the main navigation has changed to Contacts. At the same time the context navigation in the upper part of the page lets you access the parent item of the item currently displayed, in this case the account with which the person is associated:

Context navigation

The context navigation can be found in almost all sections of the OMC user interface. It is a convenient means for quickly accessing the parent of the element currently displayed. For elements located deeper in the hierarchy, the context navigation stack is accordingly larger.

The context navigation is not only used to make the hierarchy of items clear. It also enables you to see the steps you took to access a specific item and allows you to go back to one of the previous pages.

If, for example, a user has opened a contact person page via the recipient list of a mailing, the recipient list and the mailing can be found in the context navigation, not the account to which the person belongs:

Context navigation

In other categories and with other items, e.g. activities, the context navigation works analogously.