The Online Marketing Cockpit features an interface, the Web service API, based on REST (Representational State Transfer). By means of this interface, other applications can retrieve data from the OMC or send data to it. This can be done by simple HTTP requests. For easily accessing the OMC from within web applications, Infopark offers the OMC Connector for Java, PHP, and Ruby on Rails applications.

System architecture

Since your web applications can communicate with the OMC, you can offer your website visitors the possibility to log-on in order to check the status of their support cases, create new ones, edit their master data, subscribe to newsletters and much more. Furthermore, relevant actions of your website visitors – downloading files, visiting particular pages, etc. – can be recognized and stored in the form of so-called diary entries.

In contrast to other methods of recording and analyzing visitor actions on a website (e.g. web server log analysis), the OMC offers an integrated and thus efficient approach. Based on the recorded data, you might – without the need for other tools – send e-mail mailings aimed at well-defined target groups, submit tailored offers to individual customers, organize presentations or other events, etc.

The OMC does not require Infopark CMS Fiona. However, in conjunction with Infopark’s CMS for creating and maintaining editorial content, a versatile overall system is available to suit your and your customers’ needs.