Installation on a Single Computer

This section describes how to install Infopark CMS Fiona on a single computer. If you wish to install the CMS components on several different computers, we recommend to read this section first and then proceed as described in section Installation on Several Computers.

When upgrading from a version prior to 6.7.0 to 6.7.0 or newer, you require a new license. On all license matters please contact Infopark, for example via e-mail to To create your license file, Infopark requires information about the target systems. This information can be determined by means of a tool which can be downloaded as a package from the download area of Infopark's website.

Infopark expressly recommends installing the CMS on dedicated machines and running on them only the software components required for operating Infopark CMS Fiona.

A complete CMS Fiona package contains at least the following components:

  • Content Management Server (for the editorial system)
  • GUI for the Content Management Server (including the Tomcat Application Server)
  • Infopark Template Engine for the dynamic export
  • Infopark Search Server for searching content
  • Tcl Client for automation (jobs etc.) and direct data access via a shell

The Content Management Server and the Template Engine automatically create an SQLite database during the installation process. If required, a different database can be integrated into the CMS.

Please note: the collections of the Search Server must not be located on NFS devices.