IncrExport Parameters

Parameter Type Explanation get
updateRecordCount string Returns the number of update records not yet transferred to the Template Engine.
updateRecords stringlist returns in active mode a list containing update records. Each update record is itself a list made up of two elements, updateRecordId and updateType . In suspended mode updateRecords returns the empty list, and if mode is off the error message incExport is turned off will be returned. The update records returned will not be deleted from the list of update records. This must explicitly be triggered with the incrExport removeUpdateRecords command.
mode string This returns the state the incremental export is in. The mode can be on or off . It can be set with the export.incrementalUpdate.isActive system configuration entry.
getKeys stringlist The list of incrExport parameters that can be queried with the get subcommand.

The following update record types exist:

Update-Record-Type Meaning Transfer
1 File was created CM -> TE
2 File was modified CM -> TE
3 File was deleted CM -> TE
4 Version was modified CM -> TE
5 Version was deleted CM -> TE
6 Reset was started CM -> TE
7 Reset was finished CM -> TE
8 Start publishing process CM -> TE
9 Channel was deleted CM -> TE -> PM
10 File was moved or modified CM -> TE