incrExport (Incremental Export)

The incremental export is a method used to automatically synchronize a web server, i.e. to update the content available for the website visitors. You need to run the Template Engine on your live server system if you want to make use of this method, unless you are using the Rails Connector for Infopark CMS Fiona to deliver your content.

The Content Management Server continually transfers updated versions to the Template Engine via the XML interface and instructs it in regular, configurable intervals to export and activate them. Updated data as well as instructions are transferred from the Content Management Server to the Template Engine in the form of so called update records.

The configuration values responsible for the incremental export can be defined by means of the export system configuration entry. In particular, the incrementalUpdate.isActive value lets you control the action the Content Manager takes when versions or other data like channels are updated. If isActive is true, all changes are transferred to the Template Engine. If isActive has the value false, changes to files will not be recorded.

In order to use the incrExport commands in the Tcl interface, you need to be a superuser or have the permissionGlobalExport permission.