Fixed Bugs

Version 6.5.0 RC 1: Fixed Bugs Present in Version 6.0.x

  • The phpVardef formatter now handles values containing quote characters correctly. (Id: 8537)
  • Calling CM -listDump dump could possibly cause the loss of Tcl scripts in the CMS instance. (Id: 8532)
  • In the output of job scripts, special HTML characters are now translated correctly. (Id: 8703)
  • For accessing the online help, a proxy can now be configured. (Id: 8627)
  • A syntax error in the streamImageHtml function contained in the wizardLib has been fixed. (Id: 8738)
  • In wizards, setting the default values of text input fields that were created using <npsField type="text" ...> now works as expected.
  • Changing input field values from within wizards now also works for fields that are created by means of <npsField ...>.
  • The close button on the error page for programming errors in wizards now properly closes the window. (Id: 8744)
  • The close and cancel buttons in wizards have called the wirards with wrong parameters, mostly causing the dialog to be closed. (Id: 8732)
  • A bookmark that is copied can now also be inserted into the bookmark folder from which it originates. (Id: 5259)
  • Accept-language headers containing country codes are now handled correctly by the Portal Manager. (Id: 8836)
  • The LdapUserDirectory in the Portal Manager is now able to process users contained in any number of groups (especially in no groups at all).
  • During the export, implicit size specifications for images are no longer generated. (Id: 8900)
  • The function "Check Layout Files..." now also works with layouts for the main content. (Id: 9087)
  • Date formats can now be flexibly applied to values set by means of NPSOBJ instructions. (Id: 8649)
  • In rare cases an error occurred when the search function of the editorial system was used. (Id: 8533)
  • For enumeration fields that are set by means of checkboxes, the option "none" is no longer offered if the field is obligatory. (Id: 7195)
  • The fallback URL of the online help is now updated by the createInstance script. (Id: 8525)
  • Menus containing many items no longer cause display errors in the Internet Explorer. (Id: 7782)
  • Editing file permissions (except permissionLiveServerRead) no longer causes the file concerned to be exported again. (Id: 6670)
  • When editing HTML fields using a local application, the proper application is now always chosen. (Id: 8298)
  • HTML comments are now handled correctly when indexed by the Search Server (SES). (Id: 9935)
  • The files in the hierarchy view are now always sorted alphabetically.

Version 6.5.0 RC 2: Fixed Bugs Present in Version 6.5.0 RC 1

  • Draft and released versions are now displayed in the Content Navigator in accordance with the chosen display options.
  • In the column view, the selected file is now always displayed properly. (Id: 9764)
  • When working with several windows, logging-off no longer causes errors in other windows. (Id: 9777)
  • If the incremental export is reset using the inrcExport reset Tcl command, mirror files are now handled correctly. (Id: 9793)
  • Pages for which no access permissions have been defined for the Portal Manager are now displayed properly after using the browser's refresh function. (Id: 9836)
  • Using editing elements in the preview no longer causes errors. (Id: 9872)
  • Mirror files no longer cause wrong dependencies in the Template Engine. (Id: 9909)
  • Editing elements are now switched off in new preview windows. (Id: 9747)

Version 6.5.0 Final: Fixed Bugs Present in Version 6.5.0 RC 2

  • The timeout for aktions taking a long time (special wizards, for example) was increased from 5 minues to one hour. (Id: 7211)
  • The dependency handler for mirror files in the Template Engine no longer adds invalid dependencies to the database.(Id: 9909)
  • In some cases empty export variables were treated as not empty. (Id: 9771)
  • The search for news contained in a channel hierarchy such as weather.europe.france now works. (Id: 9824)
  • The installation package now again includes the required third-party libraries. (Id: 10029)