Removed Features

  • As was announced in previous versions, the encodedBlob and encodedExportBlob version fields have now been removed. Please use the blob.base64 version field instead.
  • The following obsolete methods and constants have been removed from the Java API:
    • XMLAPIResponse.getResponseElement()
    • XMLAPIUtils.getElementNameForName(String)
    In one of the next versions, the following methods will be removed from the XMLAPIDecoder:
    • decodeArrayList(Node)
    • decodeHashMap(Node)
    • decodeHashtable(Node)
    • decodeLinkedList(Node)
    • decodeVector(Node)
  • In the personal preferences the time zone can no longer be specified because the editorial system does not use it.
  • The unused attrUserId key has been removed from the configuration of the AdsUserDirectory of the Portal Manager.