Error handling

Error handling is not symmetric in the XML Interface protocol: A CMS server application can transfer error messages to clients in the response payload, however not vice versa. The server applications can thus inform the client that there is an error in the request payload or a request contained therein. A client, however, does not have the possibility to inform the server that a response payload contained an error.

A differentiation is made between protocol errors and those errors which can occur when the Content Manager performs an operation. All errors as well information on how the cm-code element is structured in the case of an error can be obtained from the Tcl Reference (currently only available in German). Therefore, only the cm-code element of a response to the failed attempt of committing a file is given here by means of an example:

  phrase="[100134] cannot commit object"
      <phrase>[100134] cannot commit object</phrase>
      <phrase>[060029] no edited content</phrase>