For operating individual components of Infopark CMS Fiona separately, it is required to first completely install the CMS on the machines to be used. The installation procedure is described in section Installation on a Single Computer. Afterwards, the components that are not required are removed from the start scripts and the configuration of the individual components are adapted to ensure that they are able to communicate with each other.

Thus, please install Infopark CMS Fiona on all machines on which CMS components are required. Then switch to the CMS installation directory and stop the CMS server, the GUI and the Portal Manager using the following command:

instance/default/bin/rc.npsd stop

Infopark CMS Fiona mainly consists of four server components:

  • CM (Content Management Server)
  • TE (Template Engine)
  • SES (Infopark Search Cartridge)
  • Trifork Application Server with individual web applications for
    • the GUI,
    • the Portal Manager (PM) and
    • the Portlets of the Demo Content (PM-PL)

Thus, there are six components in total, three of them are individual servers (CM, TE, SES) and three are web applications running in the Trifork Server.

According to this categorization, the following values can be assigned to the APPS and WEBAPPS variables in the rc.npsd.conf file. This file is located in the bin directory of each instance.

APPS="CM TE SES trifork"

First remove from this file the applications and web applications that are not required. If, for example, only the GUI of a CMS istallation is to be used, the variables need to have the following values:


If the Portal Manager and the Playland portlets are to be used as well, you can leave the WEBAPPS variable untouched:


If the Trifork Application Server but not all web applications are required, remove the unused web applications by means of the rc.npsd undeploy command. For the Portal Manager and the Playland portlets execute:

rc.npsd undeploy PM PM-PL

Since the applications are running as services under Windows, the services not required need to be uninstalled. This can be done using the rc.npsd uninstallService command. If only the Trifork service is required, run the command for the CM, the TE, and the SES in the following way:

rc.npsd uninstallService CM TE SES

Afterwards, the configuration files need to adapted on all machines so that the components can communicate with each other. The following examples describe the changes required for separately operating the GUI, the Template Engine, and the Search Engine Server.