Operating the Template Engine and the Search Engine Server Separately

If you also wish to run the Search Engine Server or the Template Engine on individual machines, proceed as follows after installing Infopark CMS Fiona and making the changes to the rc.npsd.conf files as described above.

  1. On one of the machines (if the CMS was already running: on the original machine) adapt the server.app.httpConnectHost and server.app.httpPort entries in the instance-specific server.xml configuration file. The CMS applications (app) read this entry to determine the connection parameters of other CMS applications. The Template Engine, for example, sends its indexing requests to the machine specified in the server.ses.httpConnectHost entry.

  2. If the Template Engine is operated separately and a database other than SQLite is used, configure the database first.

  3. If the Template Engine has not been integrated into the CMS before and it is to be operated on a separate machine, please integrate the Template Engine.

  4. If the Search Engine Server is to be operated separately as well, collections that were created in addition to the ones provided by the system must also be created on the new computer and the indexing must be configured in the indexing.xml file.

  5. Place the instance-specific directories script and config located on the machine where you made the changes on all other machines on which CMS components are to be operated. Please note that the directories need to be synchronized again after changes have been made to the commonly used scripts or configuration files.