Important Notes on Upgrading

Licensing, Support, Operating Systems

  • All license keys (however, not the licenses themselves) for Infopark's software products are now bound to the machines on which the software is operated. Existing license key files can no longer be used with the new product version 6.7.0. Therefore, you require a new license key file if you wish to upgrade your CMS or Rails Connector installation to version 6.7.0 or newer. Please contact Infopark (via an e-mail message to or via to obtain new license keys. To determine the data Infopark requires to generate your license key file, please use the tool provided on Infopark's website.

  • As Infopark CMS Fiona 6.7.0 is released, Infopark discontinues support for CMS Fiona versions prior to 6.0.0.

  • From version 6.7.0 of Infopark CMS Fiona, the only Solaris operating system version supported is 10.

Changes to the CMS

  • From version 6.7.0, if MySQL is used as the CMS database, the following options need to be set:

    • net_write_timeout = 1800
    • default-character-set = utf8
  • New tables have been added to the database for the editorial content (the database of the CM) in order to increase performance when accessing the data via Infopark Rails Connector. The Rails Connector now uses these tables instead of the original CMS tables. The contents of these tables is kept up to date by the CMS.

    In order to initialize the contents of these tables, it is required to run the CM with the -railsify command line option after upgrading. This also activates the automatic updating of the table data.

  • The Java version used must originate from Sun Microsystems Inc. When installing the CMS under Linux and Solaris, you will be notified if the Java version installed is not provided by Sun. Please observe the System Requirements.

  • The IF application (which converts documents to HTML) is now called with only one argument instead of two, i.e. the second obligatory parameter, LicenseKeyFile, no longer exists. The application now always uses the license file contained in the config/ directory. Please adapt calls to the IF, for example in wizards, accordingly.

Changes to the Rails Connector

  • The CMS database connection is now configured in the cms section of the file database.yml. This database should be attached using a read-only user. The cms section replaces the sections that were required in previous versions: infopark_rails_connector_production, infopark_rails_connector_test, infopark_rails_connector_development, and infopark_rails_connector_preview. The same CMS database is used in all environments.
  • The environment switch for enabling the preview mode has changed: Obj.configure_for_preview replaces Obj.prefer_edited_contents = true.
  • For missing fields, the standard behaviour of field queries has changed. If a field is queried using a method call, for example @obj.feldname, an error is now generated. The previous behavior where nil is returned if the field does not exist, can be achieved by querying the field using the [] operator (@obj[:feldname]).
  • The Obj#referrers method is no longer included in the API.
  • For querying the groups to which an object's live server read permission has been granted, a new method, Obj#permitted_groups, is available. It replaces
  • The file permissions relevant for the editorial system (read, write, root, create_children) can be queried by instances of Obj only if the preview mode has been activated.
  • The method content_type is deprecated and will not be present in future versions of the Rails Connector. Please use file_extension, which has the same functionality, instead.

Further Changes

The npsSelectObject tag for selecting CMS files from within a wizard is no longer available from version 6.7.0. Please use the npsField tag with the selectObject type instead.

The npsField wizard tag now has an additional type, date, with which date input fields with different formats can be created.

The Java API documentation of the Portal Manager has been extended by a list of the changes that were recently made to the API.

Due to the changes made to the licensing procedure, the Tcl command licenseManager checkLicense is no longer available.

Main content layouts (body templates) as well as the npsobj frame instruction are deprecated from now on and will no longer be available in future versions. Please adapt your layouts in time if you use these functions.