The Users Section

In order to create a user, to allocate him or her to groups, to grant him or her permissions and assign values to user fields, click on the Users tab on the User Management page. The Content Management Server displays the Users section:

This page is also displayed if you click the Browse or Add button in a dialog in order to select a user. In this case, the New button is not present and a Cancel button is provided in the upper area of the page allowing you to cancel the selection action as required.

Please use the search function to display users. How the search function is used is described in section User Management.

A list of those users whose login or full name contains your search term is displayed as a search result in the main area of the section. Each list entry consists of a user’s login, the full name and the e-mail address. The list also shows which groups he or she is a member of.

The number of list entries on each result page depends on your personal preferences. If the list contains more entries than can be displayed on a result page, you can move to the other result pages by clicking on Previous or Next or one of the numbers.

If this page was displayed because you clicked the Browse or Add button in a dialog, you can now select a user by simply clicking his or her login.

If you click on the login of one of the users listed, the Content Manager displays all the available information concerning this user:

On the user’s view page you can see the predefined fields, group assignments, global permissions, and the custom fields (if some exist).

Starting on the view page, you can also change the user’s personal preferences such as his password, his basic settings, his local applications, and Content Navigator settings by clicking the corresponding buttons. The tasks of the buttons New, Edit, and Delete are described in the following sections.