Using the Content Service Interface

The use of the Content Service function available from version 6.5.0 is exemplified by means of the contentService Tcl function included in Infopark CMS Fiona. You can find this function and additional hints on how it works in the /share/script/cm/serverCmds/contentService.tcl script file.

Setting up the Content Service as a Job

If you wish to transfer content by means of the Content Service function on a regular basis, it is recommended to define a job that calls the contentService function with the appropriate arguments. The following sample code transfers the /news folder from the sourceInstance instance to the /intranet/content folder of the destinationInstance instance:

    http://localhost:8080/sourceInstance myUser myPassword /news 
    http://otherServer:8080/destinationInstance otherUser otherPassword /intranet/content