The Fields Section

Infopark CMS Fiona offers you to create custom fields, to add them to file formats and thereby make it possible to enrich your content. Every time you create a file, its draft version is equipped with the fields that are preset in the file format. You can preset the fields of a draft version with values. Later, on export, you can read out the field values from the Content Management Server and have them inserted in the created web pages.

To define, edit or delete a field, switch to the Fields section by clicking on the Fields tab on the Configuration page. The Content Management Server displays the Fields section:

This page is also displayed if you click the Browse or Add button in a dialog in order to select a field. In this case, the New button is not present and a Cancel button is provided in the upper area of the page allowing you to cancel the selection action if required.

Please use the search function in the Fields section to have fields displayed.

If you would like to only display the fields whose names contain a particular search text, enter the search text in the Show fields whose name contains field and click on the Search button. A list of fields whose names contain the search text is then displayed in the main area of the section. The list entries each contain the name and the type of the field. In order to change the search text, enter the new search text in the Show fields whose name contains field and click again on the search button. If you would like to have all available fields displayed, leave the entry field empty and click on the Search button.

You can also refine the search by entering the field type as an additional search criterion. To do this, select one of the available field types from the Show only fields of type popup menu.

The number of fields displayed in the list depends on your personal preferences. If the list contains more entries than you have set you can browse the results using next and previous. Additionally, there is a sequence of numbers in ascending order above and below the list. Each number refers to an additional results page which you can display by clicking on the number.

If this page was displayed because you clicked the Browse or Add button in a dialog, you can now select a field by simply clicking its name.

If you click on the name of a field listed, the Content Manager displays all the available information concerning this field: