The Channels Section

In the Channels section you can define channels to which the editors can then assign files (news articles, for example). By using the Portal Manager, channels and the messages assigned to them can be displayed on the live server on a per-user basis.

In order to create, edit, or delete a channel, please switch to the Channels section by clicking on the Channels tab in the Configuration area.

Please use the search function of the Channels section to display the channels that have already been created. Please enter a part of the name of the channel you are searching for in the entry field and click the Search button. The list of channels whose name contain the search text is then displayed in the main area of the section. You can start a new search at any time by entering a new text in the entry field and clicking on the Search button again. If you would like to have all channels listed, leave the entry field empty, and click on the Search button.

The list entries of the search result each contain the name and the title of the channel. The number of channels displayed in the list depends on your personal preferences. If the list contains more entries than you have set as default, a sequence of numbers in ascending order will appear above and below the list. Each number refers to an additional results page which you can display by clicking on the number. You can also move forwards and backwards using next and previous.

If you click on the name of a channel listed, the Content Manager displays the available information concerning this channel on its view page: