Static Export

To index the content for which a static export has been made, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the file CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/config/indexing.xml set the parameter indexing.staticExport.isActive to true.

  2. Since the CMS does not create a collection for the static export on its own, please create one. For this, start the SES in single mode and create a new, non-switchable collection:

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/SES -single
    % createCollection static-live-docs

    For the content to be indexed into this new collection during the static export, please define the rules according to which the collection is selected when content is indexed. This definition is part of the configuration file CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/config/indexing.xml. Enter something like the following as the value of the indexing.staticExport.collectionSelection entry:

      <select collection="static-live-docs">
        <isEqual name="objType" value="image" negate="true" />
        <isEqual name="mimeType" value="application/zip" negate="true" />
        <matches name="blobLength" value="0" negate="true" />
  3. For this configuration change to become effective, the Content Manager needs to be restarted:

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/rc.npsd restart CM
  4. Since a new collection was created, the Search Server also needs to be started again:

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/rc.npsd restart SES
  5. Initiate a static export to fill the collection, i.e. to index the content. For this, open a Tcl shell, connect to the Content Manager, and exexute the exportSubtree command (or your export job, in case you have defined one):

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/client localhost 3101 root
    CM> obj withPath path exportSubtree filePrefix fsPath