Saving Data

Caution: Only start the dumping process if you have ensured that no write access to the data takes place while dumping. Otherwise the saved data will be incomplete or corrupted. Make sure that the CM is not running as a server and that no other CMs are running or started in single mode while data is being dumped.

It is not possible to dump CMS content and other data to an NFS mount, or to restore a CMS dump from an NFS mount (using CM -dump or CM -restore, respectively).

Please observe the following when dumping and restoring mirror files: The dump needs to include the original files of the mirror files, and these originals must be restorable along with their mirror files.

In order to save your data, please proceed as follows:

  • Log on to the operating system as the CMS administrator. The CMS administrator is the user whose login was specified for this purpose during the installation of Infopark CMS Fiona.

  • Stop the Content Management Server.

  • Change to the instance-specific bin directory and execute the following command in a shell:

    CM -dump dumpDir [resume]

Please specify as dumpDir the directory to which the CMS data is to be saved. A relative path refers to the current directory.

Using the resume option, an interrupted dumping procedure can be resumed.