Portal Manager

Like the Template Engine, the Portal Manager is an optional component for the live system. It has been implemented as an J2EE compliant web application that runs in every J2EE application server. It serves documents from any directory tree, it contains a portlet container, and provides personalization functions (access control, news channels, user-specific portlet settings).

Access control allows you to deliver documents or parts of them only to the members of certain user groups. Whether a user belongs to a group can be determined via an LDAP interface, for example.

The Portal Manager’s Portlet engine is compatible with JSR 168 portlets. Portlet calls can be placed into documents directly in the editorial system.

Using the Template Engine, news feeds can be generated which the Portal Manager delivers as RSS feeds, taking into account the access permissions of individual users. These feeds can be read using the news portlet or any RSS news reader. Different feeds (channels) and the access permissions can be maintained in the editorial system.