PHP Scripts

HTML pages can contain Hypertext Processor scripts (PHP , In the pages, the scripts are included in <?php ... ?>. It is recommended to use php as content type, if only a small part of the website is dynamic. If all or most of the pages have dynamic content, html can be used as content type as an alternative.

The webserver commonly used to dynamically generate content using PHP is the Apache webserver plus a special module (mod_php, which is part of the PHP distribution). The module will be loaded if it is added to the httpd.conf configuration file, and the dynamic content is passed to the module by assigning the application/x-httpd-php MIME type to it.

For the preview, a separate Apache webserver must be configured in accordance with the live server. The preview server is required to deliver a directory accessible by the GUI (declare it in the httpd.conf file as <Directory> and direct it to an URL by means of an alias).