New and Changed Features

Extended server support

Infopark CMS Fiona 6.10 now supports SLES 11 SP3 as well as Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. Furthermore, Java 7 is fully supported.

Sorting can be deactivated in the GUI

In the HTML user interface, the selected sorting mode (by name or title) can now be switched off. In this case, the files in a folder are sorted by the same rules that are applied during the export.

Changed sorting rules only take effect after the folder concerned has been released. After a different display mode has been selected, the view needs to be refreshed (using the corresponding menu item) for the new mode to become effective. (ID 9925)

Migration note: When updating from a previous version of CMS Fiona, please add the wantChildrenSorted parameter to the instanceName/config/preferences.xml file after migrating to enable this feature: <wantChildrenSorted>true</wantChildrenSorted>

Improved error message when deleting mirror files

If a mirror file cannot be deleted due to links pointing to files in the subtree created by the mirror file, the error message now includes the number of these links as well as a note regarding one of the source files. This also applies to an original file that cannot be deleted due to a link pointing to its mirror file. (ID: 11396)

Save button prevents double clicks

The Save action now avoids undesired states caused by double-clicking the button (inadvertently). To achieve this, the button is deactivated for a short period of time after it has been clicked. (ID 11852)

Link state up-to-date after choosing its destination

The state of a link is now already updated while the link is being edited. (ID 12321)

Anchor selection takes id attributes into account

When creating a link pointing into an HTML page, the values of the id attributes contained in the HTML source text of the target page are now offered as well. As a result, anchors can now be set directly for the HTML element concerned instead of using an a tag: <section id="section_3">

Java 64 bit / Microsoft Windows

The installer for Microsoft Windows now also recognizes a 64 bit Java version. (ID: 13443)

RealObjects Edit On Pro updated

The RealObjects Edit On Pro HTML editor has been updated to version 5.3.258 (327) to support the current Java security options. (ID 13566)

Field help text available in inspectors

In the Velocity template for Inspektors, the help text of a field can now be accessed using $attr_name.helpText. In the standard configuration, the help text is now displayed as a tooltip over the field name. (ID 13576)

HTML5 URI attributes supported

Link management now also takes account of the new URI attributes specified in HTML5. (ID 13605)

Trifork Application Server updated

Trifork Application Server has been updated to version 4.1.37. This resolves an issue related to particular JSPs. (ID 13606)

Improved error message regarding forbidden file formats

If a file cannot be created because the file format chosen for it is forbidden in the folder concerned, the corresponding error message (55057) now also includes the path of this folder. This makes it easier to locate the folder when copying a subtree is interrupted due to this error. (ID 13607)

MySQL configuration

The MySQL database adapter no longer ignores the socket file configured in the my.cnf file. (ID: 13615)

Velocity Tool integration into the Portal Manager

It is now possible to integrate individual Velocity Tools into the Velocity context used for delivering portlets and documents. This can be done by means of the WEB-INF/pm-velocity-toolbox.xml file using the Velocity Toolbox Format.