MS SQL Server

The Fiona database adapter uses the ODBC interface to communicate with the MS SQL Server. It is therefore required that an individual ODBC data source exists for each Fiona server application (CM and TE) when configuring the database in Fiona.

To be able to store larger blobs, the SQL Server Native Client needs to be used instead of the standard SQL Server database driver. Install the driver, then proceed as follows to add the data sources on the CMS machine (i.e. on the MS SQL client machine):

Open the Administration settings from the Control Panel, select Data Sources (ODBC) -> System DSN -> Add. As the driver select "SQL Server Native Client", then choose the MS SQL Server on which the CMS database is located as the SQL Server to connect to. Additionally, the standard database of this ODBC connection must be set to the corresponding CMS database.

Good database performance requires that the database statistics are updated regularly.