LicenseManager parameters

Parameters Type Explanation get
clients stringlist (Up to version 6.6.1.) The instances to which users are logged in. The result is a list containg in pairs the instance names and the list of users (see the example below).
extensions stringlist (Up to version 6.6.1.) The list of licensed extensions such as the Content Service.
getKeys stringlist List of the licenseManager parameters which can be queried with get
idLimit number For licenses with a limited number of IDs, the largest possible ID is returned.
license string Returns the license data as an XML element.
licenseExpirationDate string Returns the date the license expires.
licenseType string Returns demo or full , depending on the type of license installed.
loginCount string Returns the number of users currently logged into the system.
logins stringlist Returns a list of dictionaries. Each dictionary is related to a logged-in user and contains two values, login and timeStamp. login specifies the interface used, the session, and the login (for example T(1069544507) root where T=tcl, X=XML, J=Jobs). The timeStamp value specifies the date and time the user has last accessed the system.
maxConcurrentClients string (Up to version 6.6.1.) The maximum number of instances to which users can be logged-in at the same time. This number does not refer to a single user but to all users.
maxConcurrentUsers string The maximum number of users allowed to be logged-in at the same time.
remainingIds number For licenses with a limited number of IDs, the number of remaining IDs is returned.