Java Server Pages

Java Server Pages ( are text files containing a mixture of HTML text and Java code. In order to be able to open JSPs in the preview or on the live system, a servlet container like the Trifork or the Tomcat server is required. They compile the pages and execute them at request of the browser. Every so-called (Java) application server includes a servlet container.

To enable JSP support it is also necessary to integrate a JDK (Java Development Kit) into your system; the Trifork installation already includes a JDK. It is also possible to use the JDK offered by Sun on their website ( Please observe the respective installation requirements.

To make JSPs available in the live system, your servlet container must be configured in such a way that it responds to requests for JSPs (URL pattern: *.jsp) and delivers the files from the file tree into which Fiona exports them. When the Template Engine is used, this is the CMS installation directory, extended by export/online/docs.

For the preview the supplied Trifork-Server can be used. For this, an additional web application needs to be configured. This web application can be addressed either via an individual port or via a prefix on the same port as the GUI.

It is possible to use the JDK 1.4 provided by Sun on their website. Please take account of the respective installation requirements.