Installation and Configuration

Infopark supplies the OMC Connector for PHP on request. It is delivered as an archive. Please proceed as follows to install the connector.


  • The OMC Connector for PHP requires PHP, version 5.0 or higher. Please update your PHP installation if its version is below 5.0.

  • Determine where your PHP includes directory is located. You can find its path in the php.ini configuration file as the value of the include_path key. Under Windows this path defaults to C:\php\includes, under UNIX to /php/includes.

  • Create a subdirectory named omc_connector in the PHP includes directory.

  • Unpack the archive to the subdirectory you created. If they are present, you can delete the files phpdoc.ini, phpunit.xml, Rakefile, and README.txt as well as the directory test since they are not required for operating the OMC Connector.


The config/ directory includes a file named that needs to be adapted. The following values exist:

Key Meaning
OMC_API_USER The user name of the OMC webservices interface. Please do not alter the standard value (webservice).
OMC_API_KEY The password for accessing the OMC webservices interface. This password can be looked up in the General Configuration settings of the OMC.
OMC_DEFAULT_URL The base URL the OMC Connector uses for contacting your OMC.
OMC_DEBUG This value is only relevant for developing purposes. It should always be false.

After the changes to the configuration file have been saved, the OMC Connector for PHP is ready to be used.