Infopark Search Cartridge

The Infopark Search Cartridge is an optional component of Infopark CMS Fiona. It consists of the Search Server and the Autonomy (previously Verity) Search Engine, and makes high-quality search functions available on the side of the editorial system as well as the live system. The Search Cartridge can be used independently of the Template Engine.

On the editorial system the Search Server indexes files together with their contents and administrative data (such as the file format). Via the Content Navigator (the HTML user interface of the CMS) of the Content Manager you can comfortably search for files that match one or more search criteria.

On the live system the Search Server indexes the exported files, i. e. the pages the webserver is to deliver. On the basis of supplied Java functions, the search forms used on the live server can be created and maintained in the editorial system.

All indexing and search requests are transferred from the Content Manager, the Template Engine, or Java Server Pages to the Search Server which communicates them to the Search Engine and returns its results.

The Infopark Search Cartridge does not require a database to store its indexes. It uses so-called collections consisting of several files in a proprietary format.