Incremental Export

To use the Search Server for indexing the live content, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the file CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/config/indexing.xml set the parameter indexing.incrementalExport.isActive to true.

  2. For this configuration change to become effective, it is required to restart the Template Engine:

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/rc.npsd restart TE
  3. If the Search Server is not running, please start it now:

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/rc.npsd start SES
  4. Start the Tcl client, open a connection to the Template Engine, and execute the commands obj touchAll and app publish to export the content and to have it indexed in this process:

    CMS_directory/instance/instance_name/bin/client teTclHost teTclPort root
    TE> obj touchAll
    TE> app publish

    The duration of this process depends on the amount of data.

To make the search available on the live server, a search form needs to be integrated into the content and the search results need to be computed and displayed dynamically. This can be done by means of the search portlet and the Portal Manager, for example.