Fixed Bugs

  • In rare cases the master process of the Template Engine did not detect zombies and therefore did not free them. Now, the list of child processes is checked regularly and dead processes are released. (# 8345)
  • The command obj where ids ID-list now returns no file IDs instead of all IDs if the ID-list is empty. (# 9608)
  • The width of the drop-down menu for fields on the search page was increased to also suit longer field names. (# 9965)
  • The HTML Editor was updated and now also works with the Safari 2 web browser. (# 9827)
  • The external editor now also works with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 7. (# 9854)
  • When selecting a folder in the GUI web application, errors could occur. (# 9879)
  • The Microsoft HTML Editor resolved links incorrectly. (# 9968)
  • When errors occured while field values where checked, the input was lost completely. (# 10045)
  • Editing the properties of a field that had the local application input field type caused an error on the editing page for file formats. (# 10122)
  • Releasing a folder resulted in calculating new sort values for layout files contained in this folder. This caused the complete subtree to be exported again. (# 10195)

Furthermore, Infopark CMS Fiona 6.0.4 includes all the changes contained in the patch packs for Infopark CMS Fiona 6.0.3.