Fixed Bugs

  • The notification::remove <name> function now works as expected. In particular, it is now able to deactivate emailNotification. (ID 13651)
  • Checking the permissions of a superuser no longer causes (useless) group memberships to be determined. This particularly applies to root and in case this login is not made available by external user management. (ID 13646)
  • If a CMS file contained in a mirrored folder is moved, links pointing to this file are adjusted properly. In particular, a mirror folder can now be deleted after moving all its subfiles to somewhere outside the folder. (ID 13641)
  • When editing a template, preset values and mandatory properties of internal fields (e.g. the title or file type) are preserved. (ID 13638)
  • A long subject line no longer causes e-mails sent with Tcl to be muddled up. (ID 13643)
  • Switching to daylight saving time no longer causes scheduled jobs to be executed in wrong order. (ID 11421)
  • Buttons on dialogs are always visible. (ID 13438)
  • The number of database requests required for making image dimensions and file sizes available has been reduced.
  • When using a MS-SQL database, the amount of link data is limited by the table column size limit of the database.