Editing the Execution Schedule of Jobs

When defining or editing a job, as was described in section Defining Jobs, you also have the possibility to create or edit its execution schedule. For this purpose, click the Create schedule button or the Edit button next to a schedule entry, respectively. The following form is then displayed:

An execution schedule can contain several entries, each of which can be edited on the page shown above. All entries refer to the server’s time with its specific timezone, which is displayed at the top of the page.

In the main area of the form, you can define single or recurring executions by means of the Minute, Hour, Day, Weekday, Month, and Year lists. A single execution is specified by selecting exactly one value from each of the lists except Weekday.

Recurring executions can be defined by selecting several values or no value at all from a list. If no value has been selected, all the values in the list concerned implicitly count as selected. If, for example, neither days nor weekdays are specified for a job execution time, the job will be executed daily. Thus, an entry with no selection from any list has the effect that the job is executed every minute until the entry is deleted or modified. If days as well as weekdays are selected, the job is executed whenever a selected day or weekday matches. The system does not prevent you from defining jobs with execution times that never occur (June 31, for example).

Click OK to finally save your definition, or Cancel to return to the job editing page without modifying the schedule. On the editing page, the schedule entries are displayd as follows:

Every line represents an entry and is provided with an Edit and a Delete button. If an entry has been accidentally deleted, please cancel the job editing and edit it again.

Please also take account of the information in section Jobs.