Edit Main Content with ...

The main content of a version can be edited using different editors. The following editors are available:

Internal editor Simple text editor without WYSIWYG function.
TinyMCE JavaScript-based WYSIWYG editor, available in CMS Fiona 6.8 and later.
Local application In your personal preferences you can specify a local application for each file name extension. Normally, local applications are installed on the client computer. If your configuration is correct, the field value to be edited is saved locally and the corresponding application is started when the field value is clicked.
HTML Editor Java-based HTML editor (edit-on Pro) with many functions.

The editor you choose for editing the main content is remembered as your standard editor and will be automatically chosen the next time you edit a file with the same file format (by clicking a linked field value). You can select the menu command Edit main content with ... at any time to change your standard editor.