The Directory Hierarchies

The Template Engine stores all data relevant to the live system in a directory hierarchy. The starting point of this hierarchy is the instance-specific directory named export. The hierarchy has the following structure:

online and offline are symbolic links, of which one points to the directory 0 and the other one to 1. The Template Engine swapps the targets of these links in order to activate the hierarchy currently switched offline and vice versa.

The Template Engine places the web documents generated during the export process in the docs directory. At the same time it stores the strings which specify the live server read permissions (permissionLiveServerRead) of the documents as files of the same name plus .perm in the same directory, so that the Portal Manager can access them as soon as the hierarchy has been switched live. If the Verity Cartridge is included in the system, collections contains the data collections needed for performing searches on the live server. The Template Engine instructs the Search Engine Server to index the documents stored in the docs directory into these collections.

The file named lastSwitch, finally, serves to record the most recent point in time at which a hierarchy was activated. By checking this file, applications can determine whether the contents of the corresponding directory hierarchy has changed.