Testing the Migrated Instance or Putting It into Operation

Putting the new installation into operation or testing it requires some further adjustments.

  1. Contents already exported on the production system using the Template Engine can still be used on the target system. For this, in the new instance, delete the contents of the directories export/online and export/offline. These directories themselves are symbolic links and need to be preserved. Copy or move the contents of the export/online and export/offline directories from the old instance into the corresponding directories of the new instance.
  2. Web applications are not migrated automatically. If, in the old installation, you have made changes to the supplied web applications or added applications for your portlets, for example, please repeat these changes in the new instance. This is also required if the port configuration of the web applications was changed (the XML interface port of the GUI, for example); check WEB-INF/basicConfig.properties for each of them. It might also be necessary to adapt the context root path in META-INF/trifork-app-conf.xml.
  3. The migration has copied the Tcl scripts contained in the script directory from the previous instance to the new one. It might be necessary to manually adapt the scripts to the new environment, meaning that absolute paths need to be corrected or Tcl commands need to be modified to reflect the syntax changes made by Infopark. For details on these changes, please refer to the release notes of the CMS version to which you upgraded plus the ones you left out.
  4. You can now restart the applications. Please also deploy the web applications:
    $ instance/intranet/bin/rc.npsd start CM SES TE trifork
    $ instance/intranet/bin/rc.npsd deploy
  5. To check whether your actions have been successful, open the GUI in the browser: http://myserver:8080/<em>InstanceName</em>/NPS.
  6. When using an Oracle database: If no editorial changes can be made, there are probably indexes with the unusable status. You can use the Oracle administration user interface to check this. If such indexes exist, rebuild them.
  7. If you intend to use the new system as the production system, please adapt your backup tasks accordingly.