Defining MIME Types

In Infopark CMS Fiona, Version 6.6.1 or later, the MIME types of a web application are defined in a different location and in a different format than in previous versions:

Up to Version 6.6.0

File path: instanceName/webapps/WEBAPP/WEB-INF/


image/png: png
image/wmf: wmf
image/x-icon: ico
text/css: css
text/html: html htm php shtml asp jsp

From Version 6.6.1

File path: instanceName/webapps/WEBAPP/META-INF/mime.types


image/wmf		wmf
image/x-icon		ico
text/css		css
text/html		html htm php shtml asp jsp

The file must not contain empty lines or comment lines. Whitespace between the first column and the file name extension must consist of tabs only.

If the changes described above have not been made, stylesheets are not evaluated, especially in Firefox. If you request the stylesheet directly by entering its URL in the browser's address field, its content is not displayed as text in the browser (it would, if the MIME type definition were correct). Instead, the file is offered for download, and the MIME type displayed in the download window is application/octet-stream.

If you use Tomcat instead of Trifork Application Server please define the MIME types in a file named .mime.types in the home directory of the Tomcat user.

After completing these changes, the web applications need to be deployed again.