Migrating Older Fiona Versions

Migrating a version of Fiona prior to 6.5.0 may require additional steps to prepare the database for migration.

The method to use in this case depends on the version of the existing installation as well as on the future database system. The following diagram illustrates the migration methods available.

As can be seen from the diagram, it might be necessary to temporarily install an intermediate version of the CMS.

  • If you are running a version earlier than 6.0.4, you need to temporarily install version 6.0.4 first and use the dump/restore method for upgrading to this version. Afterwards, you can move to the target version using the in-place migration.

  • If the version of your current system is 6.0.4 or later, you can directly upgrade it to the latest version using the in-place migration method, except when using a Sybase or MS SQL database.

  • If you operate your CMS with a Sybase or an MS SQL database server, the in-place migration is only available from version 6.5.0. In this case, please use version 6.5.0 as the intermediate version instead of 6.0.4.

If you also wish to switch over to a different database, the dump/restore method must be used to transfer your data from your current to the new database. This can be done before or after the in-place migration is performed.

Updating CMS Fiona from a version prior 6.0.4 (Sybase/MS-SQL: prior to 6.5.0):

  1. Backup the content of the instance to migrate.

  2. Oracle or MySQL: Install CMS Fiona 6.0.4 on the target system.
    Sybase or MS-SQL: Install CMS Fiona 6.5.0 on the target system.

  3. Configure the CMS instance so that it uses the desired database.

  4. Restore the content on the target system.

  5. Install the latest version of CMS Fiona on the target system.

  6. Perform an in-place migration on the target system.

  7. Test the new version on the target system.