Advanced Search in the Editorial System

For the advanced search to be available in the editorial system, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the file CMS_directory/instance/instace_name/config/indexing.xml set the indexing.advancedSearch.isActive parameter to true.

  2. To make these changes take effect, please restart the editorial system (i.e. the Content Manager and das GUI):

    CMS_directory/instance/instace_name/bin/rc.npsd restart CM GUI
  3. If the Search Server is not running, please start it now:

    CMS_directory/instance/instace_name/bin/rc.npsd start SES
  4. Make sure that the collection is filled with data. For this open a Tcl shell, connect to the Content Manager and enter the command indexAllObjects:

    CMS_directory/instance/instace_name/bin/client localhost 3101 root
    CM> indexAllObjects

    The duration of the indexing process depends on the amount of content to be indexed.