Active Server Pages

On Windows Systems it is possible to use Internet Information Services (IIS) instead of the Apache webserver for the preview and the live server. If Active Server Pages ( are to be used, IIS must be used both as live server and as server for the dynamic preview. To make use of IIS, please proceed as follows after you have installed NPS:

Open the Internet Services Manager in the Administrative Tools menu of the Control Panel and add one or two webservers, one for the live server and one for the dynamic preview, if required. Then change the properties of these webservers:

For the live server specify export\online\docs, located below the CMS installation directory, as local path on the Home Directory tab. On the Documents tab add to the list of standard documents the name index to which the file name extension is added (for example index.html ).

For the preview server specify on the Home Directory tab as local path a directory path that can be accessed by the GUI (if required as a network resource). This directory path (as it is seen by the GUI) also needs to be set as the value of the dynamicPreviewDirectory system configuration entry. On the Web site tab enter as TCP port the number that follows the host name in the value of dynamicPreviewUrl.

Finally, restart the World Wide Web Publishing Service via the Services list of the Control Panel.